Case Study

E-commerce Website For An Award Winning Wedding Cake Bakery

Services Provided

UI / UX Design

Website Design

Web Development

On-Site SEO

The Requirements

Asian Wedding Cakes is a distinguished business dedicated to crafting exquisite wedding cakes tailored for the Asian community.

Renowned for their opulent, award-winning creations, they sought our assistance in transitioning from a solely in-store operation to an online presence. Their vision encompassed the creation of an e-commerce website, showcasing their diverse cake collections while facilitating seamless online ordering for their clientele.

The Approach

From the outset, it was evident that a tailored approach was essential. Each client’s unique preferences, ranging from dietary restrictions to cake sponge preferences, necessitated a customisable solution. Thus, meticulous planning was imperative to determine the necessary customer input while ensuring a seamless user experience. Complexity had to be managed delicately, as an overly intricate process could potentially deter conversions..

The Solution

The final website emerged as a user-friendly online shop featuring intuitive navigation, facilitating seamless browsing and purchase experiences for visitors across the full spectrum of products.

By leveraging the capabilities of WooCommerce, Asian Wedding Cakes could securely process payments with swiftness and reliability, while also gaining a robust order management platform. Additionally, customers were empowered to schedule cake tasting sessions directly through the website, a feature that not only streamlined and automated Asian Wedding Cakes’ services but also contributed to an increase in sales.

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