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Branding & Website for a non profit start up

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Web Design

Web Development

We had the privilege of collaborating with Digital Renaissance Collective (DRC), a non-profit startup on a mission to create a home base for digital nomads. DRC aspires to provide a space where members can gather digital insights, find inspiration, engage in advocacy, foster networking, and build strategic partnerships. Our partnership with DRC encompassed comprehensive branding design and consultations, as well as the development of their website.

DRC’s vision was to establish a vibrant online community that empowers members to thrive in the digital landscape. They sought a brand identity that reflected their commitment to a future where digital technology breaks down physical borders and fosters positive change.

Concept Creation

Understanding DRC’s commitment to a digital renaissance, we embarked on crafting a brand identity that symbolised empowerment, innovation, and a collective vision for the future. Through collaborative consultations, we delved into their core values, ensuring that the brand design would resonate with their diverse community.

The result was a dynamic brand identity that not only captured the essence of DRC’s mission but also reflected the excitement surrounding the future of work and digital advancements.

Colour Scheme









The Website

Our website design further amplified DRC’s vision, providing a user-friendly platform for knowledge sharing, advocacy, community building, and also featured a robust membership functionality to nurture a vibrant digital community. Users can easily register to become a member and gain access to tiered memberships that unlock exclusive content, forums, and events. The membership system seamlessly integrates with DRC’s overall branding, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing experience. This approach has successfully transformed the DRC website into a dynamic hub that empowers and connects digital enthusiasts, aligning with DRC’s vision for a digital renaissance.


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