Case Study

Branding & Website for a Wedding Celebrant in London

Services Provided


UI/UX Web Design

Inner World Outer Life, a London-based Celebrant company, approached us with a unique vision shaped by the founder’s profound passion for personal growth and the search for meaning in life. Specialising in leading services for Unitarian groups embracing diverse faith beliefs, Inner World Outer Life sought a complete brand and website redesign. The founder’s personality and preferences added an extra layer of collaboration, requiring a bespoke approach to logo and brand creation.

Concept Creation

The collaboration began with an in-depth exploration of the founder’s vision and personal ethos. Acknowledging her passion for personal growth, Unitarian services, and a love for adventure, we worked collaboratively with the founder to translate these elements into a brand identity that mirrored her unique essence. The logo design, a cornerstone of the brand, became a visual representation of the interplay between inner reflections and the outer journey of life.

Colour Scheme






Andalusia Script


Source Sans Pro


Gradient & Pattern

The Website

The website redesign aimed to encapsulate Inner World Outer Life’s multifaceted offerings. A user-centric approach was taken, ensuring that visitors could easily navigate through the founder’s celebrancy services.

The collaborative efforts resulted in a brand identity and website that authentically reflect Inner World Outer Life’s ethos. The founder’s passion for personal growth and diverse spiritual explorations is encapsulated in every aspect of the brand. The logo stands as a visual beacon, harmonising the inner and outer dimensions of life, while the website serves as a virtual doorway for individuals seeking meaningful celebrancy services.


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