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Branding & Landing page for start up recruitment company

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Web Design

Web Development

We had the privilege of collaborating with Job Hack during their early stages, a start-up visionary player in the recruitment industry. With a deep understanding of the evolving landscape, Job Hack sought to redefine recruitment in the post-pandemic era. Our partnership focused on two core aspects: a brand transformation through design, consultations and the development of a dynamic website.

Concept Creation

As a startup in a near standstill industry, Job Hack was driven to pioneer a new era of hiring in response to the evolving needs of companies. In the early stages of their venture, we engaged in extensive design consultations to shape a brand identity reflective of Job Hack’s innovative and forward-thinking approach. The result was a visual language capturing the dynamic and social essence of their recruitment methodology.

Colour Scheme







Aktiv Grotesk Corp

Gradient & Pattern

The Website

Positioning themselves as a disruptor in the recruitment landscape, Job Hack, in their startup phase, required a digital platform that mirrored their brand ethos and facilitated a social approach to hiring. We conceptualised and executed a website design aligning with their visionary concept. The website serves as a central hub, providing a fresh perspective on recruitment. Intuitive navigation, compelling visuals, and interactive elements were integrated to enhance the user experience and showcase Job Hack’s commitment to leading the industry into a new era.

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