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The Requirements

Techerati is a subsidiary of Closer Still Media – a global events company that hosts expos worldwide. Techerati’s purpose is to deliver the latest technology news and media, catering specifically to businesses and individuals in the tech industry.

Techerati approached us because they needed a new website to replace their outdated one. The existing website suffered from performance issues and was ineffective at converting visitors into subscribers. Additionally, it was unable to handle the growing volume of publications.

As a result, Techerati needed a website that could address these challenges and more.

The Approach

From the outset, it was evident that a custom solution was necessary. The task involved transferring existing functionalities to the new website while also incorporating new features. Before commencing any work, we clearly defined specifications for the new website and developed a roadmap for its construction. Mock-ups of key pages were then designed to ensure an optimal layout that would enhance user engagement and increase subscription numbers.

The Solution

The end product was a website that not only featured a fresh and modern design but also boasted a layout that significantly boosted Techerati’s subscription numbers to an all-time high. The website was meticulously organized and laid out, making it easy for visitors to navigate through the multitude of publications available.

Built on a custom-coded WordPress theme, the website included various post types to effectively manage the thousands of publications posted on the platform.

Among the notable additions were advert slots seamlessly integrated into the Google Ad Manager ecosystem. This integration allowed Techerati to effortlessly rent out ad spaces to clients and generate comprehensive performance reports.

With a website that drove subscription numbers through the roof, Techerati now has a product that not only enhances their tech community but also contributes to the success of all the expos held by Closer Still Media worldwide.

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