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In this digital age, you can find and do just about anything online now.

From social media, to blogging, shopping & learning!

Absolutely everyone is online. Which means, so are your customers & competition!

We all know we should be online, but, it can be intimidating & exhausting trying to establish your business’ online presence and, not knowing where to start makes it so much worse!

So, why don’t we start with, what is online presence?

What Is Online Presence?

Presence is existing. Online presence is existing on the internet. Sounds simple right? That’s because it really can be that simple.

Online presence is all about how, and where you can be found and most importantly, by who. It encompasses everything from your website to social media, including all interactions and your activity (blogs, posts, sharing, comments etc…). Even this blog that you’re reading now is us, adding to our online presence.

Why Is Online Presence Important?

Here are 5 reasons why we think online presence is so important:

It helps your customers find you. Your customers are always online, and if you’re not there too, they’ll find someone else who is.

You’re exposed to a large audience. Being online ensures you no longer limit the number of people you reach.

It will help you build a stronger brand which will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

It increases your credibility. These days, most customers are pretty internet savvy and will do their research before purchasing – and they do it online. If you’re not online, you immediately come across as less credible, and your potential customers are much more likely to look elsewhere.

Reputation management. People talk! Now when people talk, it’s online. Even if your not online, your customers are and whether it’s positive or negative, they will be talking about you. But, if you don’t know what they’re saying, then you’re powerless to maximise the opportunity.

The world of all things digital is here to stay! Implementing this immensely powerful marketing tool can help skyrocket your business! It’s the thing to use to generate leads and provide value to your clients.

Modern businesses put the work in & invest their time so they can reap the rewards being online can provide and, we think you should too!

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